ATOM is Web based, cost effective & convenient

The ATOM logistics software from Suggero360 is web based Software as a Service (SaaS). Login to ATOM through a browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile, and access real-time data conveniently and easily ANYWHERE – NO installation, NO upgrades and NO software maintenance.

Customise ATOM to suit your needs

ATOM can be perfectly customised to suit your processes and working practices. Adding and modifying screens is easy and amending business rules when you need makes ATOM a perfect fit for P.O management to warehouse management to transport management,

Enterprise Technology

Different departments and supply chain partners can all utilise ATOM to perform their individual tasks and achieve greater value through simple communication, better control, greater productivity, enhanced reporting and real-time visibility.

Collaborative and self policing

You can configure email prompts to partners, vendors and other members of your supply chain to update their systems when necessary via ATOM access screens. Saving time (apart from by exception) and ensures every PO is captured, resulting in “on time” production and delivery.

Control and visibility

A unified view of a single source of data is available on-demand and in real-time to all relevant parties in your organisation and your supply chain. This offers a level of control and visibility to enables prompt business decision making.

Accountability & Continuous Improvement

The unified view of all product, purchase order, critical path event management and shipping information provides better accountability of internal departments and trading partners and generates continuous improvement in performance and value.

Efficiency & Productivity

With ATOM from Suggero360 there are no more excel spreadsheets to keep up to date; all progress of orders is updated within ATOM for all relevant parties in the supply chain to see, cutting your administration and operating costs.